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Dear colleagues! 

It is my pleasure to invite you to participate at the international conference “37th Immunoanalytic Days”, which takes place on April 10 -12, 2016 in Primavera Hotel in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

The congress will present various topics; timely and attractive, with special attention to research and education. Main issues will be related to routine practice in patient’s care, recent research results will be presented as well.  As the name of the congress implies, many topics will involve methodology and clinical applications of immunodiagnostics.

Scientific program is divided into two parallel sessions (Czech and English). Czech session will be mainly focused on the problems of routine practice and only a minor part will deal with research topics. English session will be dedicated to personalized medicine and international cooperation.

prof. MUDR. Ondřej Topolčan, CSc.

I am glad to reveal that many foreign speakers have accepted the invitation to the congress, so you will have an excellent opportunity to discuss current research topics.

The conference is organized by the Czech Medical Society (Nuclear Medicine Society, Biochemistry Society and Endocrinology Society of the Czech Republic), Faculty Hospital of Pilsen and Charles University in Prague - Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, in the cooperation with IVD companies and distributors.

We believe that much hot news will be brought in and that you will find the scientific program attractive and interesting and that you decide to come to the “37th Immunoanalytic Days”.


Ondrej Topolcan

President of the congress

Judita Kinkorova, Sarka Svobodova

On behalf of the Organizing Commitee

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  • IAD team.


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